Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have saved all my ribbons

cloth and buttons
For mother's day (a bit late) I made Mum a face washer using a stitch pattern called "Slate pattern" from an old Mon Tricot book. It's not exactly a reversible stitch, but the 'wrong' side looks ok. (oops, no photo though).

Noro buttons for Mum
She saw that when it was in progress, so I added a surprise - a set of buttons covered in knitted Noro Silk Garden lite. I think these are an improvement on the earlier ones I made, because I switched to smaller needles for the knitting.

I tried using a covered button kit, but even knit with smaller needles, the fabric is still too thick. So I just found eight matching (in shape and size, not colour) buttons in the stash, and covered them by running a thread around the outside of the (vaguely circular) piece of knitted fabric and pulling it tight to hold it on the button.


Anonymous said...

And I'm considering what jacket/coat would need buttons like these. Interesting starting point, i.e. from the buttons and not from the fabric. ta Liv. They're great. ily ma

Donna Lee said...

Those buttons look professionally made. You got it perfect.

I like the stitch in the face cloth. I've made a few lately and have fallen in love with them again. So quick and easy.

drkknits said...

beautiful thoughtful clever gifts, as always!

Jejune said...

Those buttons are just brilliant!