Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's one of many weeks where I seem to be making only scattered progress (sometimes barely progress) on many little projects and half-baked ideas.

These little stacks of circles are satisfying but just to get these building blocks this far has taken quite a while. Especially the felt ones, because my last batch of felting (with a few things other than these circles of course) sat in a bucket for days on end, between bouts of agitation.

It probably doesn't help that I keep using my one Wednesday off work per fortnight for other, admittedly excellent, adventures. No, I am definitely not complaining.


2paw said...

Those are gorgeous little sticks of circles!!

Donna Lee said...

Sounds like a good way to spend a day off! The yarn will wait.

Anonymous said...

your photos of your circles are really lovely. The wood is a perfect foil for them... and the way you can see the stitches so clearly. ily ma