Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creature of habit

I just got back last night from my sixth consecutive Womadelaide festival!

The weather was not very good for photography (at least, not for my skill level) but I still (obsessively?) pointed my camera at the inevitable flags, trees and clouds. The music was MUCH better than the weather. And that's the great thing about this yearly ritual - I go to the same place, with the same wonderful people, every year, eating some of the same foods too, but the music is different every time, expanding my brain in different directions and always revealing one or two new pathways to follow during the rest of the year.


Donna Lee said...

I love music festivals. We used to have a smallish singer/songwriter song festival each year on the river. It was great to take our coolers and chairs and sit and listen. Now, it's become very commercial, no coolers allowed, chairs have to be rented. All the fun is gone.

DrK said...

that time of year already?! glad you had a great time!

AbrahamNee said...
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