Sunday, November 01, 2009

You buckle with the weight of the words

necklace worn
My sister's Christmas present last year was a box of pink felted beads and a promise to make them into a necklace for her. It took maybe six months for us to get around to that. It ended up being ridiculously simple - we just threaded them on a matching length of very narrow ribbon and called it done. And any day now I'll get photos to show here.

Meanwhile, last Friday morning I was hit with the urge to make a new necklace, and to make it before work. It was a day when I had to walk the dogs, which usually leads to me being not particularly early for work. Who am I trying to kid, I am hardly EVER particularly early for work. Anyway I was walking the dogs, thinking about this necklace and how crazy it would be to make it to wear that very day, and how I would of course do no such thing. On arriving home I would hurry to feed the dogs and get dressed and get to work quick smart.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting at my messy home desk, all my jewellery findings scattered across it, with a length of chain looped around my neck, attaching things to the ends.

Well it is a very simple design. One end of the chain sports one of my favourite ever earrings. I lost its mate many many years ago and it has been sitting around waiting for a new purpose in life every since.

The other end has one of the leftover raspberry felted beads, with a little cube at its base.

Then I used a jump ring to attached the two hanging parts together. There is no clasp as it fits over my head. Done.
It's exciting for me because I have been wearing all my necklaces around the same length (short but not choker) for-EVER. I've been inspired recently by Erin from Work with what you've got with her long (and combination) necklaces that she often makes herself.


Bells said...

that looks great! I'm wearing a necklace about that length today too and it feels a little odd (it's new) but I like it!

Anonymous said...

That little story articulates the strength of the creative urge. And the necklace is very stylish. Keep at it honey. ily ma

Donna Lee said...

How simple and how terrific. It's tough when the urge to create directly conflicts with the need to go out and work to obtain money to indulge the urge to create.

lilyandjinks said...

Oooh, pretty. Love the felted bead. Simple jewellery rocks! You might even inspire me to make something soon too...

kms said...

its sooo cute, it looks like the little ravelry ball. now we just need a bob to be chasing it!