Saturday, February 07, 2009

If I were you I'd end my days in a field of stupid sheep just grazing the grass, so succulent and sweet

group shot
Before Christmas I had some felted pears and bowls in Craft Act's 'Exquisite' members show. Along with some sales - still a new enough experience to be a thrill - this lead to a commission as well. Based on the work that was in the show, I was asked if I could make a different shape, a beaker, to fit in with a specific collection.
I was given some photos and suggested dimensions. I made a few as it was a new design, and to provide some choice of colour and shape - some are tapered and others are straight-sided. Luckily 'slightly skewed' was explicitly ok - felting is an imprecise science.
beakers 3

beakers 2

beakers 1
And two of them now live in this lovely collection.
new home 2

new home1


Kuka said...

oooh, I like those shapes!
They remind me of those lovely kosta boda 'me' glass tumblers!
Love those collections too - what a simple but effecetive idea - echoing the shape though otherwise very different pieces!

Rose Red said...

That is very cool!!

Alwen said...

I like that one with the purple rim.

Karen said...

Oh, how wonderful!

Elizabeth McClung said...

That is pretty cool all by itself but I really like how you are taking felting and all of it to the next level. And with your commissions and your exhibitions, soon we will need to have "Olivia: The Retrospective" I can't wait to see the first room, "Early works" - haha, that would be like a nightmare I think for most people, having to drag out all the early failures to show people how you got to where you are today, but also interesting and full of hope - that you did not just end up making pears and beakers but there was a growing artist. I would like it. So invite me to the Olivia Exhibition please. When they do it in the Modern and Urban Arts Gallery and Museum and a limited edition of your pears are available in the gift shop (limited to like 20 I think!).

Michelle said...

I'm with Bron - they reminded me of the Kosta Boda tumblers too! They are fabulous.

Em said...

the beakers are awesome! I am continually amazed by the things you felt, you are incredibly talented! (i admit, i'm a lurker, and i check on your blog fairly frequently)

Thanks for stopping by to comment, I appreciate the thoughts. This is kinda big to be nothing (it's the size of my hand, roughly), but at this point, it looks like whatever it is is benign. Benign is good, we like to hear benign. :)

Donna Lee said...

They are great! I love the effect of all the different cups (beakers?) on the shelf. I use the pod you made to hold highlighters on my desk and people are amazed that it's a knitted object.