Friday, April 11, 2008

Boys and things that come by the dozen

Black Crowes

Last week we were lucky enough to have free tickets to see the Black Crowes at the Royal Theatre. Good show, not the music that gives me the greatest thrill but they are pretty good at what they do. The drum solo certainly could have been a good 10 minutes shorter.


Bells said...

I almost could have had free tickets, too but wasn't sure I knew who they were. He's the guy who was married to Kate Hudson, wasn't he?

Solos should always be shorter, in my view!

kms said...

seriously roflamo at the drum solo comment. they had one good song i reckon, remedy, and everything else is a bit of an imitation. i can only handle about half an album and then im like, aaagh, enough already!

Taphophile said...

Great photo, Olivia!