Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No tropical depression gonna steal my sun away

self portrait, originally uploaded by Olma.

I did not have the internet access I had hoped for while in Thredbo. Last year we had access to free broadband if I sat in the foyer of the lodge. Now there is a wireless hotspot in the village, but I was too cheap to pay for it.

I knitted all the way up to Thredbo while DJZ drove (a rare treat) and finished my new hat on Sunday night in time for the week's skiing. I wanted to try a two-colour brioche stitch, but I also wanted to get it done quickly, so I settled on simple two-colour ribbing - not as stretchy as normal ribbing but I really like the effect. (And, you know, vertical stripes make your head look thinner. Or something.)

It was a great week with a bit of everything - a lot of snow on the ground already, some sunshiny days, some rain, some snowfalls, howling winds and massive windchill. It was about day four (of seven) when I felt I had my 'ski legs' back. A good feeling but I wish I could accelerate the process. The very last day brought the best snow, combined with better confidence, and a chance to tackle some tougher runs. A great note to leave on, though bittersweet.

A small photo set with a few more notes on the trip can be found here.


Bells said...

Great photo Olivia. Great hat! It definitely shrinks your skull. ;-)

It's good to see you're home!


Jejune said...

Love the beanie - and look at that snow! My brother-in-law is the head of 'heavy machinery' at Thredbo, he manages and runs all the snow cats, and stuff with the rescue team, and all that. I've NEVER skied in my life, so I'm in awe of your talents on the slope!

Olivia said...

Wow Jejune - that's what I would call friends in high places! I love watching the groomers work in the evening and at night. Have you ever cadged a ride in one?

Michelle said...

Great photo! And great beanie! I'm impressed that you got it done in the car!

Em said...

Awesome hat! Definitely head-slimming, you should market that angle to large-headed folk. And it's even more impressive that you can ski, it looks like good, clean, scary, tough fun! It's so strange to see snow on the ground, it's the hottest part of summer here in NJ.