Sunday, July 15, 2007

She meant you no harm

Knit1blog1 was thrown open on Friday night ('twas Bells' birthday too!) and a good time was had, with drinks before and during, and dinner with family and friends afterwards. Apparently at the opening my nephew was recognised because of the jumper he was wearing. Better yet, his first word to me on arriving was 'jumper'! Aw.

The exhibition is on from 14 July - 26 August, at Craft ACT Gallery Two, 1st Floor, North Building, 180 London Circuit, Canberra. Craft ACT is open from 10:00 AM - 4:00PM, Tuesday to Friday, and 12:00 noon - 4:00PM, Saturday and Sunday.

Since I have been blabbing on to various people about how I am 'totally public' online and don't care who knows that I blog, I'm thinking I might be brave and tell all my colleagues about the exhibition. Maybe it will give them a better idea of what Wednesdays are about for me (I don't work on Wednesdays). I don't mind at all the idea of anyone checking out the exhibition, nor the idea of people finding the blog. I like it. Except for just one type of reaction.

After I said my little piece at the French 'Passion Night', a man came over to me during one of the breaks and said quite bluntly "I didn't understand what you were talking about. What are these things?". He had that tone that said 'what you're doing appears to be weird. Explain yourself'. And even as I instantly assessed him as one of those and felt annoyed, still I floundered to explain to his satisfaction, even grabbing my felted camera case out of my bag to demonstrate that felting has more practical applications (why SHOULD it?).

I don't mind if people are curious and ask questions. I don't mind if you don't even think it's very interesting. Just don't give me that attitude that I am obliged to explain why this is a worthy use of my time! I guess, though, that if you talk about the odd things you do, and show them to the world, you have to expect a variety of reactions.

That pair of pink and purple pots from the other day garnered a bit of interest, and both have found excellent homes. One is holding pens at DJZ's place of work, and the other will be travelling to New Jersey to the lovely Donna Lee's place, just as soon as I felt it, and also hunt down some Aussie sock yarn for a swap.

Honourable mention goes to Taph's comparison of the blended colour scheme to 'a passionate bruise' - almost makes me want to do it again!


Bells said...

That's so irritating. It's one thing to ask for more information for clarity. It's another to corner you like a freak because he didn't understand you. Bah. Some people.

Was great to hang out with you and your mum and J before the event!

Donna Lee said...

I am reluctant to tell the people I work with about blogging and the people I have met. I have mentioned it to one or two and I get confused looks. Like, "what are you talking about" and "what is that for". They understand, or rather, accept the knitting but the blogging is beyone their comprehension. I don't want to feel like I have to explain why i enjoy something. It should be enough that I do.

Georgie said...

Indeed, why SHOULD something have practical application? How rude! Some people spend their spare time pulling cars apart, others raise pedigree chickens, I don't see that makes the world a better place! Creating for its own sake is as legitimate use of your own time as anything else. But it is hard when you get physically cornered and forced to justify yourself!

Keep on making the world more beautiful!

Taphophile said...

Oh, he's charming! You'd have thought a grown man would know that it is he who appears stupid by ridiculing by what he doesn't understand. I'd be interested to know what his passion was.

Your felted creations are things of beauty born of talent.

Jejune said...

I think people like that are really exposing their own ignorance and lack of imagination. It's probably a pretty rare reaction, I'd go ahead and tell your colleagues about the exhibition anyway :) It's something to be proud of!!