Sunday, July 01, 2007

I bought a watch to time your beauty but I had to fit a second hand

Not long ago Bells asked me if my house is full of felted 'pods' and other vessels. Well, no, it's not. But there are a few around.

I'll be submitting a few felted vessels to be included in the Knit1Blog1 exhibition at Crafts ACT from Friday 13 July. Lots of the local (and some not-so-local) knitters and bloggers are taking part, and some are running workshops as well, as part of the Festival of Contemporary Art.

Although the house is not yet knee-deep in felted items as Bells might have envisaged, the stash of feltable yarns received a big boost this week with a hefty donation from Taph's boodle earlier this week.

I've packed about two thirds of it into a bag that originally held a queen-sized blanket. I don't have even a tinge of guilt (doth the lady protest too much?) bringing it into the house. Even though I do have too much STUFF generally, this stuff will get felted, I love to have a good range of colours around when the mood strikes - in fact it's already come in handy today.


Bells said...

Now here's the thing,Jejune and I were discussing stash yesterday, as compared to say, books, and decided that wool stash is a lot more sensible than a book stash because you use it up. You've brought a whole lot more stash into your house, but it'll all be used up over time. It's not a static thing like books, that generally just take up space and stay that way.

Looking forward to seeing your pods etc at the exhibition.

Djaughan Zelmonde said...

I adore your little pots - they are squeezable, cuddly even. I love that you have them around your house - like photos, they bring life. I sometimes think my house is quite impersonal, there's not a lot of 'me' in it - but your and K's house is so full of personality - it's fabulous! Can't wait to see your exhibition.(PS, I crashed when I got home, I am so amazed at your stamina!!)

Jejune said...

I'm so glad you're putting your pots into the exhibition - I think it's going to have a really interesting cross-section of works on display!

And what a great stash boost from Taph - the soul of generosity as ever :)

kms said...

oooooh stash *drools* i do love your pots and things, have you ever made a long standing up one to put your needles in or are they not firm enough for that? i would pay for something like that tho.... :)

Olivia said...

Yep kms I made one for crochet hooks but it ended up a bit too tall and it has some needles in it as well. It's firm enough but gets knocked over fairly often, so maybe not the best solution for needles.

Interesting comparison to books, Bells, but of course I stash THEM too. I like to lend them willingly though, as at least they get more use that way,

Taphophile said...

Love the felty pods but is it wrong that I admire the bottle of red and the coffee machine, too?