Monday, May 08, 2006

She's actual size but she seems much bigger to me

Tonight my parents dropped in to return my car. I think I had the TV a bit loud and Elvis and Mia didn't hear the car in the driveway, nor the gate opening. Mum's sudden presence in the kitchen was trested as a Serious Threat to the security of their supply of Meaty Bites. It's possible the thinking was that she had a Dangerous Kitten stashed in her handbag. When someone arrives they normally only bark for a short time and usually only until the guest condescends to bend down and say hello.

Dad arrived a short time after Mum, and was teasing them by sitting down on the steps and peering around the door, and then they shifted from terror level orange to full red alert. This involves a lot of barking, some seriously hilarious growling, and some very threatening running around to hide behind me or jump on my lap - while still growling. It didn't help that I couldn't really speak sternly to them or talk much at all, because I was too occupied with shaking with hysterical laughter. (Way to train and control your dogs, I know). When Elvis growls it's like being menaced by a particularly cute and animated teddy bear.

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