Monday, May 08, 2006

Manic? more like soporific

Last weekend included free comics and a wet game of soccer and a very cold spell on the sideline (when I came back on the rain had stopped but I felt like an icicle trying to run). Speaking of soccer, earlier this evening we caught the end of that SBS show with the song competition for the Socceroos tilt at the World Cup. K concluded that any song, no matter how good, was probably still going to sound a bit silly, just because the name 'Socceroos' is so silly. Which it is.

When you think about it, having 'soccer' as part of the name seems like it has got to cost us some credibility, since it's simply football in most parts of the world where the game is played. Not that I'm the type to ponce around insisting on calling it 'football' - here in Australia it's soccer, no worries. But I think our top representatives could do with a better name.

Did anyone else have Mondayitis today? It was sunny and cold in Canberra today and heading on down to
-2 tonight. Don't know if this will help. It's from my visit to Perth in March, taken on a walk to Trigg beach from my sister's place in Scarborough.

Trigg steps, originally uploaded by Olma.

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