Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Something so worthless serves a purpose

This picture is from Jamison a few weeks ago. The brown brick building in the background is the Coles supermarket where I worked for the best part of ten years, starting when it was still called Coles New World, and we still wore light blue zip-up-the-front dresses like nurses or cleaners. So dorky and yet I have to admit I sort of liked it, too. I don't know why.

Part of the shopping centre has now been torn down for, I assume, a long-needed refurbishment.

Coles_fence, originally uploaded by Olma.

I often used to spend my lunch and tea breaks in the part that is no longer there. That's where the takeaway was, where if I had my break early enough I could get hot chips. Or if not, I would eat some strange combination of things from the supermarket: like a little tub of custard with sweet fruit in syrup that came packed with a little spoon, or a bread roll and packet of salt and vinegar chips, and sit reading a book until I had to go back in.

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