Sunday, November 13, 2005

A long time ag... far far where?

My movie date for Friday night was postponed, so I took the opportunity to continue the Star Wars trilogy (the real one) with The Empire Strikes Back. I'd been meaning to re-watch all three movies properly for ages - properly meaning all in one go and figuring out which bit was in which movie, cause I saw them all in bits so many times at parties and group gatherings.

So, I have an confession to make. I have a problem. Those text introductions to each movie, the ones that scroll away from you at a funny angle? I have so much trouble reading them. I am a pretty good reader, relatively fast, always been a good speller too, not that that's likely to be relevant here. But I just can't keep my eyes and brain focused on that crazy scrolling text. It seems like it's going to shrink away to nothing before I can take it all in. I had to pause three times to read it on Friday night. I had only had one beer. At least I was watching alone so I felt free to pause without embarassment.

Now I'm telling the internet.

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