Thursday, November 10, 2005

I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved

Monday morning was one of those. I was tired, and didn't have time to make coffee before going to work. Once I got there I made the mistake of getting settled in at my desk and checking email (etcetera) for too long, feeling more and more like a coffee would be really useful to kick start a few brain cells, but less and less inclined/able to get up and actually make the coffee. Finally I trudged into the tiny kitchen to wash out my mug. There, a man I kind of know (as in, I know he works on my floor) gave his usual cheery Hi-how-are-you greeting. I mustered up a half-enthused 'ok, thanks', with a little gap before I remembered that it's polite to ask how are you back.

As I was scrubbing my mug with a dish brush which had seen better days, he said, deadpan, "I think it's time that brush was returned to the men's toilets".

I've been trying to think of a circumstance where I might have found that funny. Maybe if it was someone I knew better. Nope, probably not funny but I might have humoured them more willingly. Maybe if it was later in the day. No, I think that would just make it more likely I'd have a cleverer comeback. Or be more willing to hide my disdain.

I started to laugh politely but as I realised how truly uncalled-for the comment was, I let a little disgust show on my face. What I was hoping to convey was less 'ew! you really grossed me out and now I can never use this cup again' and more 'Hmph. I can't believe you would be so juvenile'. (I may have a little pride issue about not often being offended or surprised by anything.) He left the kitchen.

Later in the day I made another coffee and he was there again. Straightaway he said, "I hope I didn't offend you with that comment this morning? I just think that brush is really pretty old and mangy."

I looked at him, trying to decide how to respond. I was surprised to find that I really was still a bit annoyed about it. After a pause, I said "I'm not easily offended". I hoped he would take this to mean I hadn't been offended, but was happy for the ambiguity to remain.

The thrills continued on Tuesday, when I played basketball and could not sink a single basket. It's not like I'm some hot shooter but I've had a few good games lately, and I always get a few points at least. Oh yeah, our team lost... but my individual performance is more important, dammit.

Wednesday began with the discovery of a mystery pile of - something - on the path leading to the washing line. If you're eating as you read this, you might want to skip this bit. Every ant and fly in the neighbourhood had come to check it out. My first thought was that it was something one of the dogs had chucked up. Eventually I realised it was some little creature, probably a mouse, that one of the local cats had caught in the night, and partially eaten.

I had to clean it up before the dogs finished their breakfast and came to investigate. Mouse entrails. Ew ew ew ew ew ew.

Later in the afternoon, Wednesday improved astronomically, when I was able to purchase a first edition of Stephen King's Carrie for $5! At least I think it's a first edition, and if it actually isn't, I don't want to know.

Today was warm enough to wear my new green sandals. I love coloured shoes but have mostly only ventured into reds before (cherry docs, etc). Green shoes - what fun. I was like Leo in Twin Peaks this morning - "New Shoes! New Shoes!"

Tomorrow night I'm going to see the creepy movie, The Exorcism of Sally Rose with S. Kam had grudgingly agreed to see it with me (in daylight) but I was able to let him off the hook.

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