Friday, September 23, 2005

What not to wear

There is NOTHING in these bags that you would, or ever should, wear. I promise.

For months, nay, years, I have been piling unwanted clothes under the ironing board in the spare room. This evening I was doing the what-to-wear-to-a-kinda-semi-formal-event bedroom shuffle, which inevitably involves giving undeserved consideration to items from long-undisturbed corners of the wardrobe. I got serious and managed to cull quite a few more sad cases from my wardrobe. I also slightly reduced the pile on the piano, which represents things that I might get around to altering one day. I can only cut a vertical slash in the neckline of a too-high round neck t-shirt so many times before it stops being a new and fresh look.

This looks just like the other bag, but it isn't. It contains things you probably wouldn't wear either, but which just aren't quite as hideous or out of date. Things that my sister might, just might, want to take to a clothing swap party or try to sell.

I suspect I've actually only scratched the surface when it comes to clearing out and refreshing the old wardrobe, because there's nothing in those bags that I felt the remotest need to document in any way before letting them go, a la Fussy.

I did put aside a couple more old soft t-shirts, to cut up and knit with. Why? Just wanted to try it. You can actually buy kits at Lincraft that include pre-cut strips of fabric and instructions for an ugly handbag. But who needs a kit when you have old, charmingly faded t-shirts? The knitting process is very tough on the hands, and the resulting fabric is not very soft, but I'm thinking it will make a good strong and washable shopping/lunch bag.

After some unsucessful shopping, and even some tragic/desperate perusal of Trinny and Susannah's advice I also managed to find something to wear tomorrow night, (and no it's not a tank top and shorts). Basically the same thing I wore last time I needed something for a-kinda-semi-formal-event, almost a year ago, with just a change in footwear. I guess if you're never really in fashion you don't go out so fast either. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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