Monday, September 12, 2005

Out along the edges, always where I burn to be

Silky drawers
More pictures from this show are here.

Ah, my sister, she is good with the knickers. On the weekend I went to see 'Baby You're So Vain', an exhibition of wearable art at ANCA, which included these two pink lovelies by Demelza. (Price on application). Unfortunately the show has closed now - I really wish I'd plugged it here sooner - but I took quite a few photos of turn-of-the-century circus performers May Wirth's and Bird Millman's silky drawers.

Also I promised to tell the internet that J had her Best. Coffee. Ever. (Hudson's Dickson) A latte topped with perfect froth, in a beehive shaped glass. So good that she had a second one.

I finished the soccer season on Sunday with a brutal semi final. It was always going to be a hard fight, against a team that beat us 7-0 just two weeks ago. Of course we wanted to win, but in the end we thought we did well to keep it to 1-0. I went in pretty hard but often a split second after the fact. I have a few bruises from a backswing and a stepped-on foot. As Kam will knows only too well, I am always proud of my bruises. I feel they are proof that I am holding back less and getting more fierce. (Grrrr)

I'll be going skiing again this Saturday. My skiing buddy plans to take a lesson like last time, but I'm going to try something different.

Step 1. Load up the MP3 player with a lot of punk music.
Step 2. Ski VERY sedately, while ...
Step 3. Pretending I am in a Warren Miller film.

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