Thursday, April 29, 2004

"My ex-boyfriend was Fabio"

Ok Kam, you were so right. This show is so heavily manipulated it is probably scripted. But they're obviously not paying real scriptwriters...maybe it was the work experience person who came up with 'Fabio'.

This was the big twist at the end, after she chose the hunk over the average Joe, clearly touched by the geek's over-keenness and desperate willingness to almost say "I love you", but unwilling/unable to match his 'emotional level'. All the while noting that the hunk guy she chose was holding back (quite) a bit. She went away for a holiday with her chosen hunk and then felt she had to reveal her big, deep, dark secret. That's right, her ex boyfriend was Fabio. How old is Fabio anyway? Isn't "Larissa" supposed to be about 19?

Hunk Guy's reaction was something along the lines of a hissy fit followed by ditching her mid-holiday. Maybe he thought her past 'bad' boyfriend choice reflected poorly on him. This is supposed to show that she should have chosen an average Joe, who would be so honoured to be chosen that he would cope with any number of truly weird or bad skeletons in her closet. Now that I think about it, this would have been an okay, semi entertaining storyline, if only the skeleton actually in her closet hadn't been so completely laughable!

Disclaimer: I was not 'watching' Average Joe: Hawaii. It just happened to be on while I was waiting to start the video to tape this week's Angel episode so that I could go to bed. I may have caught some little bits of previous weeks' episodes while channel surfing. Uh-huh.

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