Sunday, May 08, 2016

Into the blue and sunny morn

Lucy's vests

I have a new niece!

I hadn't knit anything for her before she was born. I did make a couple of crocheted washcloths, but I held off making a newborn garment because I happened to know that she was going to be wearing several cardigans handed down from the twins, including these. (Nice to think those still have a little life in them yet).

Then Miss L arrived surprisingly early, and suddenly I had the urge to knit for her, after all, right away!  The green vest is from a pattern in a vintage craft book which my sister, her mum, gave me about 11 years ago. There is a note still tucked into it, saying she was going to cut it up for collages but decided she needed to pass it on to me instead. And I'm glad she did - the baby vest became my first ever knitted garment, for my eldest nephew - who is now ten. And a half.

Green L vest

I loved the idea of making it again for my other sister's first baby. The wool is a 4 ply merino/silk blend from the Bendigo back room. It is incredibly soft and smooth and also, machine washable! I did the 'L' in duplicate stitch  - I find it quicker and easier than intarsia for a small image.

But I also thought I should whip up something even smaller, because Miss L is quite tiny (at least she was tiny, by all accounts she is fattening up rapidly). So the purple one is a pattern I've made once before, 'What big eyes you have' by Georgie Nicolson/Tikkiknits. It's written for 8 ply, but I used 4ply (Shepherd baby wool) and made the 3-months size in the hope of getting something on the small side for a newborn. This seems to have worked out because she wore it today for a Mothers Day outing.

Tiny purple vest

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Demelza said...

No surprises here they really are so lovely and she looks a treat in them. Luckily they arrived for her first real outing and purple vest looked fetching over her yellow towelling suit. The buttons at the neck make getting dressed easy too! I think it's so special that you made them for her Liv. She's so lucky. There really is nothing like homemade knits xoxo