Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two baby vests

pengin vest 2

I used to knit cardigans for babies: recently I've switched to vests. They seem to have potential to fit for bit longer and also might be useful for a greater part of the year. Being a bit quicker to knit may also be a bonus...though the pattern I used as the basis for this penguin number, 'Viggo' from Drops Design, was actually really fiddly in the finishing stages. It has you pick up six separate sections of ribbing! Cute result but I really think it's a bit excessive for such a tiny garment.

The penguins are a repeat of these. I knew they'd come in handy again.

penguin floats

I'm pretty happy with the wrong side. I've learned to keep the stitches much looser than normal when doing colourwork. The soft white baby yarn does let the darker blue show through a bit on the right side, though. I keep doing these things in baby wool (very soft 4ply merinos) when more robust wool would probably work better.

red baby vest

And this one is 'What Big Eyes You Have!' by Georgie Hallam. An excellent pattern. Also a little bit fiddly but actually not as much as the other one. It uses a top down saddle shoulder construction so the cast on and set up stages were a bit unusual. I think it was worth it and I'll be using this one again.

blue buttons

The tweedy wool is Cleckheaton Country Naturals, not exotic but an old favourite. Actually I was looking for one of those fun kids' yarns (something like the old Magic Garden 'Buttons') and I liked the contrasting bright colours in this. I don't think I've knit in 8ply for babies before. It's pretty quick and satisfying.

vest cable

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Donna Lee said...

I never think of vests. I don't know why because all the reasons you cited were good ones. (and I love the penguins!). I just finished another baby cardigan for another coworker whose wife is due any minute now. As much as I love the little sweaters, I think I might enjoy a vest.