Sunday, May 03, 2015

I think I'll retire this pattern now

L shawl This is my fourth and final Chadwick. I've actually loved making each one, and was delighted to make this for my aunt. But now, anyone else who likes it and wants one can knit it for themselves!

The first, I still love and wear a lot

The second was for Mum and I think she's worn hers a lot too.

The third was very similar to the second, because Mum's friend coveted hers - and I struck a good labour-exchange deal with Mum for the knitting of that one.

For this one I used some very long-stashed Knittery hand dyed merino-cashmere for the darker colour, and soft red baby wool for the contrast. I hope this doesn't go too fluffy. The dark red zarina which we initially picked out for this project ended up not offering enough contrast against the purplish stuff, it was too much towards maroon itself.

Shawl for L

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Donna Lee said...

It is a pretty thing. Great bright colors for your upcoming winter.

I am so glad to be finally seeing some colors around here.