Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Skiing - helping me hate winter just a little bit less, since the 1990s

ski grin

After a green, grassy, mostly snowless first week or so of the season, Australia's ski resorts have been hit by successive snow storms over the past couple of weeks and now have LOTS OF SNOW! It doesn't look like I'll have a lot of time up there this season, but I got up there for a day on Saturday with a snowboarding friend and had a ball. (Thanks to him doing all the driving, I also got to knit in the car) It snowed almost all day. Of course a 'bluebird' day after a night of snow is probably the most coveted, but skiing while the snow cover is constantly being refreshed is nothing to complain about.

lots of snow
snow trees

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I've never been skiing or snowboarding and I live for the day that it will happen. Therefore I have no idea what "bluebird" conditions are but I'm guessing they're some kind of snow nirvana! ;) x