Monday, October 07, 2013

Taking photos, lots of people taking photos

119 photog
A day or two after visiting Tulip Top (with only the little camera that lives in my handbag), I went to Floriade with family and friends, with the big camera this time, and I found I wasn't at all inspired to take any more flower photos. There were so many people crowded everywhere, it was hard to appreciate any of it, and I felt I had seen it all before.

131 mirror
So being the contrary type I am, the following weekend I decided to brave the crowds again, and challenge myself to get some interesting photos.

I didn't have any particular ideas or theme in mind. I just wanted to avoid the obvious. I'm not sure pictures of people taking pictures at a major tourist attraction is really that far removed from the obvious.
132 p

077 parsley
That, in the foreground, is parsley.

113 p

087 silver

090 silver


Donna Lee said...

You always manage to get good photos. We stopped going to the Flower Show that the Horticultural Society puts on each spring because the crowds are unbearable (it's inside since the temps around here in March are not predictable).

What are the balls on the water? Is it art or do they serve some function? I hope they're just art. I like the idea of them being in the water "just because".

Olivia said...

Thanks Donna Lee, for your kind comment on my photos. You're right, the white balls in the water are a sculpture/art installation. I hope it is staying beyond the festival. I like it.