Monday, June 10, 2013

Something I once thought I would never do

Mia's coat
Well, aside from letting the dogs sleep on my bed - I lost that battle years ago, and now I wouldn't have it any other way. I really didn't see myself knitting clothing for my long-haired dogs! But they are getting older and this girl has been feeling the cold - her hair doesn't grow as thick in winter as her brother's. Unlike the raincoats they both despise, she doesn't seem to mind wearing this at all. And it was the simplest thing to knit. At some point I'll do one for Elvis too.

Mia's coat 2

Mia's coat again


2paw said...

Oh, she looks so sweet and I am glad she likes her new coat!!
We gave up on the bed thing too, but we have a nod to 'not really sleeping on the end of the bed' because they have their quilts !!

Donna Lee said...

My grandmother used to have a Yorkie. The poor little thing would shiver all winter until we finally put a sweater on her. She loved it (which surprised me for some reason). I guess I don't think about dogs getting cold. Cats know better than to go outside in the winter....

Bells said...

It's perfect!