Saturday, December 29, 2012

They say you would not hurt a fly

I made this dinosaur for a new baby friend of mine. (I haven't met him yet but will very soon). 016_edit
The pattern is Rebecca Danger's Basil the Boogie Woogie Brontosaurus. It is well written, and no more fiddly than it needs to be.
I don't think it matters if you think of him as a 'brontosaurus' or apatosaurus  or some other unspecified kind of dinosaur. K pointed out that his tail should stretch out behind him, and looking at the pictures, I suppose his neck and head should be more forward too.... but he wouldn't be as cute that way. Perhaps his upright posture is what makes him a boogie woogie dinosaur?
I used 5 ply wool and he came out quite big (didn't measure and he has flown away now, but the body might have been 20cm long?). In 8 ply he would be impressive.


Anonymous said...

Love at first sight! This may be the best thing you have ever made!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think this is destined to be one of those toys that are still around, revered, when they are 60 - just like that the spelling of which I asked you at Christmas. Proud of your work (and you of course).

Anonymous said...

He's very cute. I love his friendly posture. And did you have any particular team in mind? ily ma

Donna Lee said...

He's do cute! It looks like he's ready to bound off and play. I made a dinosaur for a baby once. I wonder what it is about giant snimals?

Rose Red said...

He is very cool! I have this pattern, I must make time to make it this year! I was probably going to use 8ply, maybe I should reconsider!

Wens said...

So cute! I want one! Happy new year!