Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Melbourne weekend

I went to Melbourne last weekend, and on the flight down I happened to look out of the window as we travelled over the Snowy Mountains. Then on the way home, I looked out of the window just as the flight crew was announcing we were starting the descent into Sydney - and we were flying right past Canberra! I had booked my ticket a bit late and didn't get a direct flight. But I did not expect to look down and be able to wave at my neighbourhood on the way past. Strange and cool.
 I was serious when I said I wanted to eat this again. We went back to Borscht, Vodka and Tears with our cousin, who has also been to Poland. We all ate *well*. Yum.
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Donna Lee said...

Pierogies are a favorite in my house.

What wonderful, fantastical murals. Philadelphia has a mural project and some of them are joyful and some are more somber but they're all amazing. I love to see public space enlivened like that.

Andrew Sikorski said...

Mmmm.... pierogi... and in Melbourne - double pleasure ;-)