Friday, March 02, 2012

More crochet flowers

In a comment on my recent post, Faeryfay suggested I might like her crochet flower pattern.
This suggestion was perfectly timed, as I wanted to make some flowers using acrylic (for reasons I won't go into yet), which isn't likely to block well. And those other flowers really did need blocking.
I like these. I might not be doing it correctly, with those large centre holes, but I can sew them up a little when I weave the ends in.
Plus I can use up some of my extensive stash of pink buttons for the centres. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have no idea how I acquired those pink ones. They weren't collected with the rest of my button stash - developed from op shop lots and a few mixed bags bought new - I'm pretty sure these came in one big hit. I do remember being given the container with the big button on top, but it wasn't full of buttons at the time!


amy said...

Ooh, acrylic flower secrets! Sounds intriguing. :)

I love buttons. I've no doubt I could end up with buttons and have no idea how. I think I go into a button haze. It's apparently inherited as two of my three children seem to behave the same way. They were fighting over a special pink button the other day (it belonged to my son; he DID pick it out at an arts fair) so I spilled the button jar in front of my daughter and let her pick one from there. Button mediation, you know.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thank you. You've brightened my weekend and shamed me into starting again. :-)