Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Olde Worlde

This is the Moderne Baby Blanket from the first Mason Dixon Knitting book.
It's the first time I've tried the log cabin technique - you pick up stitches for each block so there is no sewing up at the end. I liked it, and would probably like it even more in wool. This is a bamboo cotton blend (Queensland) which is pretty unforgiving when picking up stitches, and sewing in ends. I shouldn't have allowed any ends in the middle of blocks, as they show a bit on the wrong side. A couple of times there was a knot in the middle of a ball, and I wasn't interested in ripping back. Once again, evidence of my lack of perfectionism. I can live with it!
I told the new parents there are several mistakes in the knitting, and they saw that as a challenge to find them! There are also a few errors in the pattern, I think even one or two more than what is published in the errata. As long as you follow common sense (and the photos) when the numbers in the pattern don't seem right, it's an easy fix.
I like this pattern and would do it again. Actually I would probably just take the concept and make up my own layout. Although there is much to be said for this layout which has been tried and tested, works well for four colours, and has that random but balanced look.

As I made the first two or three blocks, I thought the 'wrong side' was going to look uneven and awful - not ideal for a blanket. Picking up on the side of garter stitch does look different to picking up on a cast off edge. But as more blocks were added it didn't seem to matter. And now I quite like the seamed effect.


Anonymous said...

It's just lovely. The colours work very well together and your photography shows it all off really well. You've done an amazing job. V. proud of you my love. ily ma

Anonymous said...

oh its just gorgeous! gosh garter stitch just makes blankets look so fantastic doesnt it?

amy said...

I love the whole log cabin concept. I'm making one in between projects, just using up scraps of yarn, but at some point I'd like to make one that has more design thought going into it. Yours is beautiful! And I'm sure the baby spitup will hide the knitting mistakes just fine. ;)

Bells said...

i've long meant to do that blanket - it turns out so well!

Rose Red said...

One of my favourite blanket patterns! Looks great. One day I shall make the full sized log cabin moderne from the same book. In Bendy yarn I think - I figure bigger balls means less ends!

Emma said...

Oh lovely! The colours look great together, and the garter stitch makes it look so warm and snuggly.

Donna Lee said...

I love that blanket. I've wanted to make one but haven't gotten to it. Good choice of colors!