Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been to Biennale

turbine hall
Last weekend I went to Sydney for the Biennale, which was a fascinating array of contemporary art. The festival was spread around several venues, but the two main ones were the Museum of Contemporary Art and Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island was fascinating in itself, an abandoned industrial site, a small, completely built-up island in Sydney Harbour, which was once a convict-built prison and then a naval shipyard. It made a really interesting site for the festival, with space for work that wouldn't have fit easily in a conventional gallery. And lots of little dark bunkers and tunnels perfect for video installations.
cockatoo island


Donna Lee said...

You had me until the part about "little bunkers". That brings out the claustrophobe in me!

I like the big open space with the large canvasses. I like big paintings.

Jejune said...

I really must get to a Biennale one of these days - I'm glad you got there, and enjoyed it. I saw a bit on telly, and most of it looks fabulous!

Emma said...

I'm not really a little bunkers person either, but Cockatoo Island sounds like a really interesting place for the festival and to just explore.