Monday, June 23, 2008

Something to eat

korean stir fry
Here's a lunch from last weekend, at a new-ish Korean restaurant in town. The rice was served in a very hot stone bowl, and you combine the other ingredients into the rice to build your own stir fry. That was fun, although I'm not too sure about some of the pickly bits.

On to dessert from last night. We had great pizza and other Italian cuisine, and managed to find enough room for dessert.
dessert calzone
This is a dessert calzone. The same size as a regular savoury calzone, which makes it quite a big dessert! It was chocolatey inside. Not mine though.
I was also fascinated by the dessert pizza (marshmallows, strawberries, white chocolate).
dessert pizza
But I am a creature of habit, and I can never go past a tiramisu, especially in a GOOD Italian restaurant, and last night was no exception.


amy said...

I love a good tira misu. Fortunately, it's not so hard to find around here. I've been craving some lately. The market where I shop sells scrumptious tira misu by the piece. I think I'll be getting a treat on Friday...

Michelle said...

That chocolate calzone looks SO good. You're making me hungry, and I've just had breakfast!

Bells said...

mmm....bibimbap. My latest discovery. I love it!

Jejune said...

Oh yummy to all of the above!! Now I don't want to cook dinner...!

When my Korean brother was first adopted, my mum used to make Kim Chee and other Korean dishes all the time. It can be painfully hot (spicy)!

kms said...

good tiramisu, so hard to find, so rewarding when found. i am going to melbourne next week, perhaps i should go on a tiramisu quest - any recommendations?! ps thanks for comment :)

Donna Lee said...

Tira misu is an absolute favorite and I choose it every time if I think it will be good. My last dinner at a good Italian restaurant was wonderful, except for the tira misu. I think I have to learn how to make it. I don't think it's that hard.