Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The way a world is revealed to you

Shortie socks for a sweet friend. These were directly inspired by finishing the green lacy Christmas socks for my sister. I used the same Heirloom argyle sock wool and the same lacy ribbing pattern, this time for the whole sock - what there is of it.

Don't they look a very awkward length, laid flat like that?

They make more sense on the foot. A tiny bit tight for me, and so I hope the right size for my friend with slightly smaller feet.

And what a lovely reaction they got. She seemed genuinely really excited and pleased to receive 'some knitting'! It was too way hot at the time for her to try them on, so I just hope they ended up fitting well.


Michelle said...

Beautiful socks! I love the colour.

Bells said...

they're lovely. You're inspiring me to try ankle socks!

Alwen said...

Yes, they are indeed beautiful. Great combination of color and pattern.

Jejune said...

Oh they are just gorgeous! I love short socks - I'm not surprised your friend loved them!

Donna Lee said...

My girls all like ankle socks so I try to make socks for them just a little shorter. I haven't worn knee socks for years but I like a little more than "footies". Those look perfect for warm weather when you need to wear socks to work or someplace air conditioned.