Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Make a little space, make a better place

Today we have two builders in the kitchen, replacing the entire bench surface in order to fix a small spot of fire damage.

The kitchen was only renovated in late 2004, about two years prior to the stove-top fire incident. It is astounding to discover that the whole bench top has to be chucked. It's almost all in one piece but even the separate piece goes too, as they couldn't match the surface. And apparently there's no acceptable way to repair the damaged spot. What an insane waste of effort and materials. I would have been perfectly happy with a little bit of not-quite matching laminate stuck on the spot. But then I'm a bit of a grot and cheap to boot. And it's not my house.

The good news is the owner's insurance is fully covering the cost and we don't have to pay an excess. They are repainting the kitchen too, as there are smoke marks that don't come off.

Mia had happy fun times when she found some interesting grot back there after the dishwasher was pulled out.

Yes, in that renovation we scored a dishwasher and I love it a little more than is healthy for an inanimate object. Incidentally, there is also a little melted/scorched spot on the top of the dishwasher. It's unfortunate for her, but in a way I'm actually glad that the owner's insurance didn't cover replacement of the dishwasher too - because it is considered to be 'contents', and she only has house insurance. If that happened and the dishwasher was to be disposed of, I probably would have tried to buy it. Not just because of the aforementioned love, but because it's awful to see things disposed of so easily.

We were very lucky that our little stove top fire, while scary, (and wow, so stinky) did not get out of control and did little damage. But can I put a little suggestion out there? If something does catch fire in the kitchen, and you would like to alert any other people in the house, try shouting "Fire!" Yelling out your choice of swear words loudly might lead other people in the house to think that you merely dropped a pan of food on the floor or something like that. And they might stay away to avoid adding fuel to your frustration. Instead of rushing in with fire-fighting assistance.


Rose Red said...

Heh - that's good advice in the event of a fire!
I love my dishwasher too. I don't think I could cope in a house (long term) without one!

Jejune said...

Eeeeeek, scary! Good advice about what to yell - I'll remember that!

Glad the damage was relatively minor. House fires are so frightening. My parents lost everything in a fire a few weeks after they were married - all their belongings, including wedding presents, and very nearly their lives. They only just woke up in time... 0_o

kms said...

our new house that is not in canberra doesnt have a dishwasher and my huband is most distressed and i think would gladly swap his love of big surf for one! so i relate. hope the new benchtop proves inspiring.

Bells said...

Excellent advice Olivia! Thank you. I shall remember that.

And I have a very passionate level of love for my dishwasher. We've only been together a year. Very much in the honeymoon phase.

Anonymous said...

Having now been involved in a few fires now, not all lit by myself. Shit happens - and you yell about it. Sure it might be an actual fire, but it could also be a flood or earthquake... I reckon you yell the same thing (except you 'tards out there who yell, "Fire!" in front of a wall of water). No, I'm sure panic will ensure.
Try it.
Go to the kitchen now, put a 1 litre bottle of petrol in the oven (lid on), set temp to... hmm... around 350 degrees. Have a nap on the couch for an hour or so. BE SURE TO SET AN ALARM, we want you waking up, and not asphyxiating - oh no you're not getting away with it that easy.
NOW house is on fire or at least the oven has exploded. What you believe the first thing you say is? Besides, "What the fuck did I do that for?!"
Anywho, if someone was yelling profanities; loudly, constantly, urgently... do you think it might raise you curiosity a little? Hmmm, go have a little sticky beak? Maybe? Never mind.

This all reminds me of a story.
When my uncle and my cousin were involved in a car accident. It was raining hard, they were stopped at a major MAJOR interestion in Coffs. At one point my cousin noticed an out control vehicle spinning through the intersection in the distance. I do mean spinning, like multiple 360s. Cousin Greg got Pats (my uncle) attention, "Shit, look at that..." Next thing, BANG. Compound fractures for all! "And...", you say? They didn't shout, "CAR!"

J said...

Now being in possession of a dishwasher I do understand the potential unhealthy attachment to it! Do you have pictures of the revamp top? What did you do with the coffee machine - hope there was no interruption to necessary morning coffee rituals... in case of fire (and I speak from experience here) a mix foul language interspersed WITH the word 'fire' is best for getting attention... from memory 'fucking crap holy jesus - fi-RE! is most effective