Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I wouldn't go so far as to say I am a runner. But I do like to use running slow shuffling as a free form of exercise outside the soccer training season, and especially this time of year when basketball and netball games are suspended for a few weeks.

Up until about two years ago, I had dabbled with VERY occasional running , but it took two crucial ingredients to make it really start to happen. One was my small solid-state MP3 player, which I relegated to running duties once I bought myself a 60GB ipod. Wow. Where without music I would run for 10 minutes then want to walk, with the addition of some music to take my mind off boring running and help me drift away into various fantastic scenarios, it was a whole different story.

The other thing was buying proper running shoes. The first few times it felt like I was running on clouds. And after that, the fact that I had spent an embarassing amount of $$ on them meant I had to commit to running at least sometimes. They're actually lasting a long time given that I basically don't use them in winter - I think soccer training and games is enough fitness-wise and certainly time-wise.

About one in twenty runs, maybe more - but I haven't been running very often so it's hard to say - will be just fantastic. I get beyond the first 10 minutes and I feel like I could keep plodding forever. I usually only go out for about 30 min, and this often includes one stretching stop. On one of those days, I feel like I could definitely shuffle my way right through a City to Surf. Or what the hell, a half-marathon? If only I knew how to get that feeling on a more predictable basis. It seems more likely when I haven't run in the last few days. Two days in a row = mild joint pains, and I'm a wuss sensible. I probably should change both my route, and the tracks on the MP3 player, a lot more often, I know both of those things keep me more motivated. But even knowing these things, I think there is some indefinable ingredient... the right state of mind, and body, to just run like we were built to do. Bliss.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

There's a third crucial ingredient that works for me........running with a buddy. I have recently jogged with a basketball/soccer player which has been really enjoyable.....despite the searing/dehydrating sun/heat of last Saturday. Chariots Afire!!

bertie said...

"run like we were built to do"

Hmmm, that statement obviously excludes outliers like me :)

I will say that the same applies for my walking (oops, I mean shambling). Music/podcasts and the addition of some good shoes make a big difference.

Olivia said...

actually I was a bit wistful with that line, "run like we're built to do", as it usually doesn't feel that way.... and a physio once told me I "run funny". Plus I know running can be bad for you. As you can see I'm solidly in two minds about the whole thing!

And DZ... I think one of the crucial ingredients for a good one is probably staying away from the middle of the summer day!

zjcroft said...

I'm very sad to say that my running shoes are still in pristine condition!....I'm proud of you Liv.

J said...

I love to run and the feeling of running 'like we are built to do' - there is nothing like the physical freedom when you 'get the groove'. I miss it :) I get this type of fix from riding and swimming now (maybe it is a rhythm thing *grin*) Glad you get the chance though.