Monday, August 28, 2006

They'd never match my sweet imagination

Actually this is very close to how I imagined it. I finished my Kiri over a week ago and still can't stop admiring it, draping it into different positions and wafting around the house with it floating from my shoulders. Such a pretty shawl and an easier-than-it-looks pattern.

I only wish I had forced myself to knit from the charts rather than the instructions. I've since aquired a book of beautiful lace patterns, all of which rely on charts. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I will be able to do it, when push comes to shove. I actually had to pull out my first Kiri attempt, amounting to quite a lot of rows (and hours) because I made a crucial mistake in reading the pattern, and what was coming off the needles was not at all symmetrical. A mistake that probably wouldn't have happened if I had been knitting from the chart.

I did wonder if I would actually find a triangle shawl wearable. This is how I am most likely to wear it (and have, over my coat). It feels very flamboyant - a bright red frill-neck - but I love wearing it anyway.

It was washing day so I used the bed to block it. I used wire (tiger tail) for the straight edge and pins for all the scallops. If you try this manoeuvre, I can't stress enough the importance of keeping track of ALL the pins. I thought a final sweep with a large magnet might have come in handy.... but I haven't come across any pins in the bed since then so I guess I did ok.


J said...

Ohhh pretty .... :) It is a lovely design - the colour looks fab.

zjcroft said...

Hey Liv, absolutely love it, so pretty and very flamboyant, I look forward to seeing it being modelled when you visit!