Thursday, August 04, 2005

Restoring balance to the universe

Some of you made me feel a little bit bad about those pictures of little wet arched back Elvis. Don't worry, pretty soon after that bath he was dried off, and went outside to mask that nasty clean shampoo smell by rolling around in the grass. And not much later he was completely dry and fluffy and blindingly white. See?

I've been loving the extra comments lately. Keep 'em coming. The discussion of nerdy rehearsal of conversations, past and present, was a clear winner. Also, just a reminder, if you would like to receive an email letting you know each time I post an update, say the word and it will be done.

I'm finally looking into a ski improvement programme, possibly for this summer. The kind where that goes for at least four weeks, where you turn up a frustrated intermediate, and leave as a sh*t hot skiier. And maybe get the wahoo back. The word on the street is that Canadians do it differently to Austrians - the Canadian style features more 'up and down motion', if you can believe that. If you've done this type of course or have any insights please comment or email me.

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