Thursday, January 20, 2005

Radio, someone still loves you.

Happy 30th birthday, Double/Triple J!

Sure, sometimes I get sick of you. Yeah, sometimes I do switch you off in disgust and try my luck with Mix 106, especially in the evening during Super Request, like the other night when Rosie decided to get people to ring up and read out their tedious text messages. Sometimes I just want something to sing along to in the car, and I may prefer to hear a bit less Australian hip-hop, but that’s just personal preference. People say you’re less alternative than you used to be….but I only have to change over to an Austereo or Nova station for a few minutes to hear there’s still a big difference.

You do such cool stuff, like recording and playing some amazing live sets. Giving a leg up to new bands. Taking the time to tell the full story of a band or artist. Wacky science with Dr Karl and sport with Roy and HG. Most of your current affairs coverage is aimed a little below my age group, but I really liked the way you encouraged young people to register to vote, well in advance of last year’s federal election.

I still think you’re cool.

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