Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Goodbye Impact records

Better late than never, I draw your attention to this by Kam, and this by Mr Bertie Mabootoo, regarding the end of the Impact Records era.

It's a real shame, and Canberra will be poorer for the loss of a very rare thing: a large, successful, independent music shop. And of course, Impact didn't just sell music and DVDs, as anyone who ventured in to check out the chaotic feeding frenzy that was the 'closing down sale' would have discovered. There are several profitable bits of the business, like comics, books and T-shirts, that JB have no interest in, and have basically chucked down the drain. I guess there's a plus side to that, which is a few extra opportunities floating around town.

Of course I know that business is business, and life goes on. But it's been amazing to see the level of reaction around town, even from people who never or rarely actually shop there. Impact is an institution. Right now it's a very tough time for everyone associated with Impact, especially the staff who loved working there and (to put it mildly) don't know if working for JB is likely to be fulfilling in the same way.

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