Saturday, December 20, 2003


Sorry for the long absence - it's been a strange and busy month. In particular I keep getting the feeling I'm mentally too busy - like there's just too much going around in my head, and something important will get lost. Better than too little, I guess.

The family piano resides in my house now (has for ages actually). To negotiate its smooth passage into the spare room, I made a promise that I would take some lessons again. I haven't got around to that...yet.

But I've always wanted to play a harpsichord. I use to particularly love playing Bach, and would have loved to try out some of those pieces on the instrument they were intended for.

A while ago I learned that there is such a thing as a Roxichord, an electronic keyboard that emulates a harpsichord. For some silly reason this filled me with joy. Inexplicably, the idea of a synthesiser version seemed really cool.

In other news, Posh spice doesn't like pips in her grapes. Come to think of it, I much prefer the seedless ones too, but somehow I consider myself above mentioning it too loudly. I still somehow think of seedless grapes as a kind of luxury you shouldn't automatically expect, even though they're pretty much the only kind I've eaten for at least a decade.

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