Friday, October 07, 2016

I don't believe it's true that in this world there's nothing new

P9264838 (2)

I knew I'd make this dress again one day. The pattern is 'Sweetheart' bTora Frøseth, and this is a for new little friend who has just arrived. Probably a bit too big yet, but it should fit for a while.

I didn't have enough of the main peach/orange colour to finish it - at least, I wanted as much length as possible so I decided to use it all up and then trim with another colour. My colour consultant and I weren't too sure about this pale blue - just slightly turquoise - in the ball but very happy with it once knitted up. It was a little bit left over from another baby dress, which never made it onto the blog. (But is on Ravelry)

P9264847 (2)

This time around I was able to add that heart in the hem AND keep knitting in the round. This made me happy. Last time I had to knit it back and forth (like the yoke is written) because I couldn't figure out how to reverse some of the stitch instructions for the heart. I believe this is what they call Growth As A Knitter.

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