Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Viewfinder I & II

Demelza has some of her work in an exhibition opening tonight. Including some amazing letters/envelopes she sent to me and Kam from Poland earlier this year...the posting is part of the process. She had some (distressing at the time, hilarious when she told me later) run-ins with Polish post office staff who baulked at posting her unusual packages.

Viewfinder I is at the Watson Arts Centre, 1 Aspinall St, til 11 July and features the work of later year print media and drawing students from the ANU Art School. All are welcome to the opening tonight at 6:30pm. Fairy bread has been promised.

Viewfinder II will open on 28 September at the ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery and will run til 3 October. This second part of the exhibition features a selection of current student work from several countries including Indonesia, Canada and Australia.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Giggle at Bennifer

This article
refers to a US cable network promoting The-Former-Couple-Formerly-Known-as-Bennifer's movie Gigli as, essentially, so bad that you've just gotta see it. This amused me greatly when I saw it yesterday (the article, not the movie). Because when there was talk some time ago of releasing Gigli in Australia under a different name, to distance it from all the bad press it got in the States, I remember saying they should do something like this instead. Sadly, Kam can't remember me saying it. But anyway, 'I told you so'.